The magic of a photograph fascinated Bengt while still a child and has since been a passion through his entire life. Combined with his interest in foreign environments, nature, culture and people, it has taken him to many corners of the world which has given opportunities to practice his photographic creativity and to share these experiences with others through his pictures.

He has explored all kinds of photographic art forms and for many years spent most of the time with the traditional darkroom techniques in black & white as well as color. When the digital revolution arrived he was fast to adopt and explore this new technique in parallel with the old craft for a long time. Since many years back he has gone 100% digital.

For many years he was devoted to compete in national and international photo competitions and received a great number of national and international recognition and awards.
He has been awarded the Swedish unofficial championship in black & white photography three times.

He is known for a number of own exhibitions in Sweden but has also taken part in many international exhibitions during many years and his photos and articles about photography have appeared in many magazines and newspapers.
 He has also been honored to hold a huge number of lectures, workshops and been engaged as jury in a lot of national photographic competitions.